Aldgate Pest Control

North London Pest Control - The Pest Control Experts for North London

North London Pest Control serve the whole of Aldgate. We appreciate your requirement for a speedy, decisive & proficient answer, to your pest problems. Our professional courteous team, will give you recommendations and provide an effective remedy, whether you are directing a commercial enterprise or need to safeguard your home.

Completely furnished to deal with all pest control problems, from flies to rats, bed bugs to cockroaches, North London Pest Control aim to ensure your satisfaction through first-class customer service and a safe, polished approach to pest elimination.

We provide bespoke solutions for homeowners, through to contractual and multi site solutions for businesses. Bespoke services are provided for letting agents & landlords.

North London Pest Control provide Specialist, cost effective remedies, for bed bug infestations. Business director Tony Bond, one of the UK's most prominent authorities in Bed Bug control, will assess and oversee the treatment process.

Common Pests

  • Wasps

    All wasps begin to build nests in April/ May and can be a major nuisance throughout the summer and autumn...

  • Rats

    Rats are the one rodent which most people cannot abide. They damage goods and property and...

  • Bed Bugs

    This insect is a ’true bug’ it has evolved over millions of years, now living primarily from Human blood but will...