There are two main varieties of roach typically located in the UK. The German Roach (Blattella germanica) which is found all over Europe and other temperate environments. They favour warm, humid conditions but are fairly insusceptible to cooler temperature levels. They are primarily after dark pests and cluster with each other in dark narrow harbourages. They can easily feed upon virtually anything with a calorific content but need regular access to water.

They consistently infest residential and dining establishments such as pastry shops, cooking areas and laundries. They are frequently introduced using infested foodstuffs or second hand electric home appliances.

In really warm atmospheres such as the heater systems of big buildings, including healthcare facilities, they could multiply tremendously. Control is essential as they are connected with the transmission of different human health problems such as Salmonella & Ecoli. Treatment is conducted using a Fipronil Gel and if needed an extra mix of liquefied chemical spray and dust.

The much larger Oriental Roach (Blatta orientallis) is also usual throughout the UK. They infest comparable locations to the German cockroach but are an even greater problem in older residential properties such as tenement blocks & some hospitals and jails . Unlike the German roach they are incapable of climbing glossy surfaces but discover their route throughout large structures using lift shafts and service channels. Control is essential for the very same reasons as given above. Treatment is harder because of their egg cases being extremely resistant. A mix of chemicals and gels , with a sizable number of repeat treatments, will remove the huge majority of infestations.