Common Pests


Problems with ants in a domestic setting, can range from a few foraging, garden or black ants, to a large "invasion". These can usually be dealt with by a combination of liquid pesticide spray and bait stations.

Bed Bugs

This insect is a ’true bug’ it has evolved over millions of years, now living primarily from Human blood but will also feed on domestic pets. Bed Bugs were virtually wiped out in the UK by 1950, following the...


Humans have kept Honey Bees for thousands of years, in order to exploit their honey. As part of their reproductive life cycle, each year between April and June the old queen will leave the hive and take...


A range of beetles can infest properties. Two examples of which are the Carpet Beetle, the larvae of which can cause significant damage to carpets in a relatively short period of time.


There are two species of cockroach found commonly in the UK. The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) which is found throughout Europe and other temperate climates. They prefer warm...


Fleas are a distressing pest, normally associated with domestic properties but can occasionally be transported, on clothing, to office and other working environments. Provided the problem is caught early it...


Flies can be a particular problem in commercial kitchens and other food preparation premises. Their prevalence can be significantly reduced, through the installation of high quality electronic traps...


Urban Foxes are a major nuisance in towns and cities. Causing damage and fouling to gardens and spreading rubbish around streets. Recently, a number of high profile incidents, involving attacks on small children.


The House Mouse and Long-Tailed Field Mouse, seek the warmth and shelter of buildings for nesting sites and food. Their presence is usually detected from their dark-coloured droppings or damage to stored...


Feral pigeons are the most common pest bird in the U.K, causing damage and making a mess where-ever they roost, creating a major need for pigeon control. Todays Pigeon is a decendant of the domesticated..


Rats are the one rodent which most people cannot abide. They damage goods and property and carry disease including Leptospirosis, otherwise called Weil's Disease (pronounced Veil's). This disease is...


The grey Squirrel can nest in your wall cavities, between false walls and in the loft, The squirrel may use roof insulation for nesting materials and may chew boxes and other items stored in the roof space...


All wasps begin to build nests in April/ May and can be a major nuisance throughout the summer and autumn. If allergic to their sting, reaction can range from a sore swelling to the potentially fatal Anaphylactic..